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Self Set 2 (CSM)

This is a sum up of research-to-outcome done for the Self Set 2 Brief within Unit 10 – following Prof P. R advice here, to “just keep writing, about everything you do.“

So, all this started with the thought of how the medical human body is perceived differently in Western and Eastern Medicine. I was also looking into Medieval Medicine which was always connected to the Spiritual and Astrological.

The Astrological/Anatomical Man

The Eye of Horus (the second and third image is a collection from the British Museum), is an ancient symbol – the god Horus lost his left eye in a battle, but it got cured; – the symbol stands i. a. for healing and health.


Chinese Medicine Packaging

(The body as a machine)

Savings from articles, books etc.:

Always, Reason vs. Emotion.


Feedback 1

Feedback from friends

Looking into all of this, the initial brief was titled Body East-West, sticking to focusing on perceptions of the medical body. This research let to how the body is now seen as a machine that needs to function in order for “the self” to function, so moving away from the east-west comparison, but rather focusing on how as an ex. in the medieval times (example in images) looked at the body (ex. brain in the stomach, 4 body fluids that need to be in balance etc.); and from a contemporary point of view are obviously wrong; what I want to say is that when looking at those things now when they are proven to be wrong, how clearly they seem wrong, with a tension to look at them as being unintelligent. How can this reaction be recreated; nowadays – with the scientifically fully discovered and examined human body be re-created? I came back to the research of “body as a machine”, looking at illustrations by Fritz Kahn’s “Der Mensch als Industriepalast” (Man as an industrial palace) done in early 20C – around 50 years after the Second Industrial Revolution. At that point, the idea was to illustrate in the form of an infographic, how in the future machine world (feedback from week 1: artificial intelligence; “computers will soon become more intelligent that us”, 1HB (human brain) will be smaller than the processing power of a computer in the year 2040), in a world where machines with artificial intelligence live, to make an infographic for machines to understand the human body. This piece/infographic would be made by a machine, for a machine.

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