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In a Belly (1) + (2) / research in img, txt and words


(reminder of – driving by sunflower fields on the way to the adriatic sea, and red houses with tree lined roads, i wonder who lives there)

The Tree Of Life: Questions from Otto on Vimeo.

“Before I knew I loved you, I believed in you” / alter: before I knew I loved you, I lived in you

(IMG Sources: Ben Vauthier, Tree of Life by Terrence Malick, David Bowie, Rothko, Sven Nordqvist, Gauguin, David Shrigley, Blue is the warmest color by Kechiche, Interstellar by C Nolan;)


(this is from To the Wonder by Terrence Malick)

(This is from About Time by John Berger, when he is talking about the death of his father.)

(this is from an interview with artist Terence Koh)

(translated: There is no right life/living in the wrong)


Simplicity / Simpleness/ Spirituality / Aloneness / Oneness

Circles / Shell / Belly / Uterus / Bed / Cover

In a nutshell / In a belly

the easiness of being comfortable

of not knowing


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Self Set 2 (CSM)

This is a sum up of research-to-outcome done for the Self Set 2 Brief within Unit 10 – following Prof P. R advice here, to “just keep writing, about everything you do.“

So, all this started with the thought of how the medical human body is perceived differently in Western and Eastern Medicine. I was also looking into Medieval Medicine which was always connected to the Spiritual and Astrological.

The Astrological/Anatomical Man

The Eye of Horus (the second and third image is a collection from the British Museum), is an ancient symbol – the god Horus lost his left eye in a battle, but it got cured; – the symbol stands i. a. for healing and health.


Chinese Medicine Packaging

(The body as a machine)

Savings from articles, books etc.:

Always, Reason vs. Emotion.


Feedback 1

Feedback from friends

Looking into all of this, the initial brief was titled Body East-West, sticking to focusing on perceptions of the medical body. This research let to how the body is now seen as a machine that needs to function in order for “the self” to function, so moving away from the east-west comparison, but rather focusing on how as an ex. in the medieval times (example in images) looked at the body (ex. brain in the stomach, 4 body fluids that need to be in balance etc.); and from a contemporary point of view are obviously wrong; what I want to say is that when looking at those things now when they are proven to be wrong, how clearly they seem wrong, with a tension to look at them as being unintelligent. How can this reaction be recreated; nowadays – with the scientifically fully discovered and examined human body be re-created? I came back to the research of “body as a machine”, looking at illustrations by Fritz Kahn’s “Der Mensch als Industriepalast” (Man as an industrial palace) done in early 20C – around 50 years after the Second Industrial Revolution. At that point, the idea was to illustrate in the form of an infographic, how in the future machine world (feedback from week 1: artificial intelligence; “computers will soon become more intelligent that us”, 1HB (human brain) will be smaller than the processing power of a computer in the year 2040), in a world where machines with artificial intelligence live, to make an infographic for machines to understand the human body. This piece/infographic would be made by a machine, for a machine.


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a poem about london

and what is london

a 4 quid entry to marx’s grave


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men being looked at, 2014


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Schwammstuhl, 2014

Fridolin livin’ the life. (photo by T.)


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exhibition room personal personal, 2014


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measure – getting real

Some drawings, measurements for the Komott1 production that is happening soon, hopefully.


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vasen in violet

Vasen in violet


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more schwamm

First thoughts.


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This is a project that started out just recently actually. A chair, kind of – and again. It pretty much started with already having materials, such as the sponge that I used for Flowerfield 2. It works in combination with different elements, one of them being the sponges (yes, I was asked if I was doing a massive cleaning project when buying them). Other elements are a chair that belonged to my grandma and her sister, it was always placed in front of the house which is where they used to just be and sit a lot. Another element is a photo taken by my mum of  the house where she grew up, my grandparents house. One more element are leaves, places in the square area under the seat – just that you wouldn’t really see them when you sit on the chair – a bit like “what you seek is seeking you”-ish. If the chair is placed differently or simply moved to a different place, the leaves obviously get moved as well and placed in a different way as well. (These were just some simple thoughts from the beginning of the project.)


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Chairs etc. by Product Designer Sebastian Herkner, great!


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Fettstuhl, Joseph Beuys, 1964
The fat on the “Fat Chair” is not geometric, as in the “Fat Corners” but keeps something of its chaotic character. The ends of the wedges read like a cross section cut through the nature of fat. I placed it on the chair to emphasize this, since here the chair represents a kind of human anatomy, the area of digestive and excretive warmth processes, sexual organs and interesting chemical change, relating psychologically to will power. In German the joke is compounded as a pun since Stuhl (chair) is also a polite way of saying shit (stool), and that too is a used and mineralized material with chaotic character, reflected in the texture of the cross section of fat.


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update from the flowerfield 2

flowerfield 2


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inspiration update for komott

(Martino Gamper)


various files for komott1 from my desktop.


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torn between working on flowerfield 2 and komott.

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in the summertime


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i never read

Just a few photos of the “i never read” art book fair in Basel with myself and Kathrin.


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blumen auf der mauer

blumen auf der mauer, 2014 from Julia Peintner on Vimeo.


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best seat on bus nr 8

best seat on bus nr 8 from Julia Peintner on Vimeo.
london, 15/05/2014


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a basement on bricklane


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one flower


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Cody and Dani

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frankfurter zimmer

frankfurter zimmer from Julia Peintner on Vimeo.

frankfuter zimmer @ museum für angewandte kunst frankfurt

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ferdinand kramer



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who’s who

From the visit to Paul Sahre’s Office in New York.


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chair by ferdinand kramer from Julia Peintner on Vimeo.


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“Man kann sich nichts dabei denken. Malen ist eine andere Form des denkens. Das wär genauso wenn man Einstein fragt was denken Sie sich dabei wenn sie Gleichungen machen. Der denkt sich nichts dabei, der rechnet.”
“Man muss sich innerlich engagieren um Kunst zu machen. Einmal davon besessen, treibt man es schließlich so weit zu denken, dass man die Menschheit mit Malerei verändern könnte. Wenn man aber von dieser Leidenschaft frei ist, dann sollte man die Finger davon lassen. Denn im Grunde genommen ist die Malerei eine komplette Idiotie.”
Quotes by Gerhard Richter
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“I love making plans. I could spend my life arranging things.”


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L’Auberge Espagnole

Xavier: I’m French, Spanish, English, Danish. I’m not one, but many. I’m like Europe, I’m all that. I’m a real mess.
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flowers in process

each flower = one screenprint.


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“I think it takes much greater courage to create things to be gone than to create things that will remain.”


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afterschoolclub III + sun


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“There are flowers everywhere, for those who bother to look”


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monet at MoMA from Julia Peintner on Vimeo.


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flowerfield, screenprints.
all 13/13; 2014.


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london is like, a different city when its spring.


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flowerfield test 1

screenprint, test on newsprint.


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for me to remember

Limited amount of production, every piece brought to a different place – city – area that gets carved or written under the sitting area.


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1 + 2 MAK Wien, Divan by Franz West (of course)
3 21er Haus, Wien

Yes, more chair research.


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Feb 2014 in New York for NEO New York.


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Photos from the Herb Lubalin Centre at the Cooper Union, best place ever.


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last week on our last day in NYC, tears.


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“The real troubles in your life will always be things that never crossed your worried mind.”


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hands on


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the cat

the cat www online.



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Jaume Amigó at Michael Dunev.


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homesick for new york

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